Review: Combe Haven

  •  “Were having fun in the tiger club….ttttiger club”. This song was my summer as a child.

I have fond memories of haven as a child. I loved anxious and would spend many hours doing the dance routines in front of my mirror (much to the annoyance of my parents), you see I had the haven soundtrack and would play it over and over. Jungle olympics anyone?

So as a parent I felt it was my duty to introduce the kids to what had given me many good memories over the years.

We went to Combe haven last September and stayed in a deluxe caravan (this would lead to my son adoring caravans), the caravan was clean and spacious. Only a couple of minor problems

Our toaster didn’t work….what no toast, I love toast 😳

One of the lights didn’t work in the bathroom

But alas, all was fine and they had people come out and replace the toaster (yes for toast!) and fixed the light.

My eldest throughly enjoyed her archery lesson and my youngest loved his swimming lesson. Not to forget the dancing LOTS of dancing! I may have almost shed a tear with my kids watching adoringly at Rory the tiger, the same way I did 25 years ago.

We missed the character breakfast so hopefully we can go do that in the future. The restaurant was really clean and the food was delicious.

Word of a warning…your on holiday, drink more and eat more!

Get yourself’s down there if you can, the kids will have a blast and let’s face it, there happiness and smiles is what it’s all about right?

Overall experience 8/10

Be happy, smile, think positive and rock on 😘🎸

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