My Top Ten Disneyland Paris Traditions

We all have traditions. Traditions at christmas, easter etc, but what about when you go away?

Everytime I go to Disneyland Paris there are certain things that I just have to do and if I didn’t do them then it just wouldn’t be the same!

So here are my top ten Disneyland Paris traditions.

Sophie – Ah sophie, you know sophie right?! Most of the Disney community do. She’s the bouncy happy woman who greets you on your hotel room tv. Yes it may be on loop 24/7, yes it’s outdated, but yet if I didn’t have Sophie on in the background of my hotel room then id feel somewhat lost.

Hot chocolate whilst watching Dreams! – This is a must! I love hot chocolate at the best of times, but the hot chocolate at DLP is on another level. It’s immense. What makes it even more immense is holding one on a cold evening whilst watching dreams, now thats bliss!

It’s a small world – Everyone has that one ride they have to ride first when they get to the park. For us it’s a small worldis our first go to ride.

Sitting on main street – There’s nothing more charming then just sitting on main street, soaking up the atmosphere, listening to that amazing music, smelling the popcorn and just taking it all in. There’s no better way to unwind.

Adventureland in the dark – Picture this. The sun is setting, you’ve just been on one of the best dark rides ever (pirates of the carribean), you come out to a beautiful setting. Greenery everywhere, lamps dimmed, skull rock, the smell (could possibly be hakuna matata fries), all of this provides such an amazing atmosphere and is one of my favourite places to spend an evening.

Casey Jnr nuggets – You need to try them. They are all the things. Enough said.

Disney village shopping – There is always something you NEED before a trip to DLP, whether you see it on facebook, twitter or a website, you end up with a foot long shopping list. This is certainly the case for me. New pins, artwork, mugs etc, I can shop till I drop!

Hotel Cheyenne – It was the first hotel I stayed in on my first visit. So it comes as no surprise that this is the only hotel I now stay at. Id honestly miss it if I didn’t stay there! For me its the best themed hotel, it holds a ton of memories for me, plus its within budget ;). The icing on the cake? Its getting a refurb and if recent pictures are anything to go by it is going to look amazing!

The Lucky Nugget – By far my favourite place to eat. Live music, great theming, amazing ribs! No trip is complete without eating here.

Magic on parade – Anyone seen that GIF doing the rounds of Tom Hanks waving happily at Disney Characters?! Thats me! I’ll happily wave, scream and jump for joy along with my kids when I see my favourite character. With a catchy tune it’s one not to miss and I have to see it everytime I visit.

So thats it, my list!

Let me know what your top DLP traditions are in the comments below or tweet me on twitter @Mrsray25

Be happy, smile always, think postive and rock on!


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