The Disney community – Part one

With every interest comes a community and this is no exception for Disney.

From blogs to YouTube, from podcasts to talented artists. You name it the Disney community has it.

A few months back I had thought to myself “how cool would it be to give back to the community I adore, to do a blog post about all these wonderful people and introduce these people to my followers”

So here it is, me giving back to some of my favourite members of the Disney community…..


I have been watching brogan for sometime now and with good reason to. Friendly, watchable and just lovely, brogan is the kind of person you could watch for hours on YouTube.

Did I mention she’s a youtuber? Not only that but a successful one too. Brogan recently hit 30,000 subscribers and was also winner of Best beauty Blog and Highly Commended Best Vlog at the CosmoBlogAwards.

She’s a Disney fan too (the best people are 😉) and her Disney vlogs are always so much fun to watch. With a blog, YouTube channel and a full time job she has her hands full. But what I respect so much about her is her ability to deliver. No matter what is going on with her personal life she still sticks to things and never lets anyone down. We certainly need more people like her in the world 💜

You can find Brogan at the following places

Twitter – @brogantatexo

Blog –

Youtube –


How could I do a blog post about the Disney community and not mention Steve?!

Steve is a Disney blogger, more specifically a Disneyland Paris blogger. He also does podcasts and on occasion does a series of YouTube videos (very enjoyable). He is without a doubt one of the biggest contributors to the community and one of the friendliest. Steve’s was one of the first Disney blogs I followed when I joined the community.

Steve again is one of those people you have to respect for giving his time to get new content out to the community. I think one of my favourite podcasts was the one where Steve recorded his podcast on the last flight to endor. To hear everyone’s reaction to being there was a joy to listen to.

You can find Steve at the following places….

Twitter – @DedicatedToDlp

Website –

YouTube –


Without a doubt one of my favourite YouTube couple’s to watch.

Joe and Ashley are a Disney loving husband and wife YouTube duo. With there love for Walt Disney World they take you on adventures every wednesday with a new episode (be sure to check out there recent wedding renewal which had me a little chocked up!).

These guys are fab at what they do and have quite a following on YouTube. Happy, positive and fun they will turn every frown upside down and joes turtle backpack deserves its own spot (still trying to find one in the uk!).

You can find joe and Ashley at the following places….

Twitter – @seeyareelsoon

YouTube –


The lovely Laura was the first Disney youtuber I watched. I watched all her videos back to back and followed all her vlogs around Disneyland Paris.

Lauras photography is always on point and she’s always going that extra mile to give her viewers the best footage she possibly can.

As well as photography and YouTube, Laura is an exceptional artist. Her artwork is exquisite and she shows such attention to detail.

Please Disney give her a job already, she more than  deserves it!

You can find Laura at the following places….

Twitter – @ThatDisneyLover

Youtube –

To be continued………









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