My Slimming World Journey

So back in March I got to a point where I was a little bit fed up with my weight. Having two children and getting married had made me a little too “comfortable” with what I was eating and to be honest it wasn’t making me very happy. I had a few friends who had started slimming world and I thought to myself “sure I’ll give it a go”.

I turned up at the meeting and had a shock when I realised I was 13st 2lb, although I carry my weight well (I’m 5ft 7) I was a size 16 and not happy. So my slimming world journey began. In the first week I lost 6lb, the 2nd week I lost 2lb and got my half stone award. By 5 weeks I had lost a stone and this just motivated me even more. I was losing every week for the next 4 months. At times it wasn’t a lot, maybe even half a lb, but it all added up.

Example of my food diary for a day

Breakfast – Muller light and apple slices

Lunch – Ham salad sandwich (healthy b), satsuma and a plum

Dinner – Ham and egg Salad 

Snacks – Salt and vinegar pufts (3 and a half Syns), pink n white (2 and a half Syns) a flump (2 Syns) and a banana (free) 

Drinks – Tea (healthy a), Pepsi max

Very recently I seemed to hit a brick wall with my weight loss. I got sick of the same food and wanted all the bad stuff! I’m still not over that, but I am trying to find a way out this mindset.

But please if you ever find yourself slipping up one day, don’t punish yourself, your only human. Just brush it off and get straight back on it the next day. We all have blips and your not alone!

To this current day I now weigh 10 stone 13lb with a total loss of 2st 3lb and now in a size 10. I have 8lb left until I reach target.

Always remember, if you want something badly you can do it!!

Thank you to slimming world for the incredible journey so far 😊💖


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