The Disney Community Part 2

Hi folks! Sorry it’s taken a while longer to get this next part up, been busy and all that jazz 🤗, but here it is, enjoy!

More beloved members of the Disney community for you to check out, give them the love that they deserve…

Ellie Steadman – This sweet gem of a lady is a credit to the Disney community. She regularly posts Disney vlogs to her YouTube channel and as well as that Ellie also brings out a weekly vlog on Mondays. A down to earth and friendly personality is what makes her popular, she always has the time to speak to people, which in the YouTube community is an excellent trait to have.

You can find Ellie at the following places

Twitter: @elliesteadman


Sam4God – Sam is one of the happiest and funniest you tubers you can find in the world of YouTube and for sure one of the busiest! Sam regularly visits Disneyland Paris and very recently visited the newly opened Shanghai Disney Resort. If that wasn’t enough she’s also off to the original Disneyland in September and Disney World next year…phew

You can find Sam at the following places

Twitter: @Sam4God


KrispySmore – Stephie and Dave are a new addition to my blog and sadly it’s because I’ve only just found them (better then never right?), but boy am I glad I’ve come across them! They are fun, a pleasure to watch and to see how excited they get over there future trips is a joy to watch! They put in a lot of hard work into there video’s and you can see that quite clearly. I look forward to being an avid fan of there’s in the future!

You can find Stephie and Dave at the following places

Twitter: @krispysmore


Theme park worldwide – Shawn has been running his YouTube channel for a good few years now and has visited many many theme parks across the globe. What makes his videos compelling is his attention to detail, almost to the point where you feel like you could be there with him. Shawn has started doing meet ups at various theme parks in the uk and has just started selling merchandise on his website. He has a weekly show on his YouTube channel. An incredible hard worker and someone who deserves to be mentioned time and time again for his sheer work ethic.

You can find Shawn and the theme park worldwide team at the following places

Twitter: @ThemeParkWW


To be continued…..💖

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