Mamma Mia Review 2016

Back in August it was my daughters 9th birthday. Like myself she’s a big musical fan and her favourite musical is Mamma Mia. So when I’d asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she’d said “tickets to Mamma Mia please Mum!!!” I got straight into booking tickets.

Now I wanted to physically give her the tickets on her birthday, so I ordered them from the official theatre website. I managed to get us front row balcony tickets and at the same I was secretly nervous about what the view was going to be like.

From the outside the Novello Theatre is stunning, situated not far from Covent Garden and down the famous Strand it has a perfect spot in the heartbeat of the west end. Of course my daughter wanted merchandise, what 9yr old wouldn’t? They have a very good offering of merch and we picked up a programme (Ā£4) and a poster (Ā£4 I think?). Next it was time to find our seats. I needn’t of worried about the seats. This theatre oozes old beauty and charm, stunning decor and plenty of seating. Our seats were perfect. Yes it may of been high up, but we had no one “tall” in the way and to be honest, we felt quite grand up there!

Next up….show time!

Now I’m not going to go into specific’s about the show because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for those that may have not watched the show or even the film. But if you love Abba and you love a good cheesy romance then this is for you and lucky for me I fit both of these.

My favourite song in the show has to be “lay all your love on me”. A stunning number performed brilliantly by Sanne den Besten (Sophie) and Richard Carson (Sky). These two young actors shone through for me and there singing brought meaning to the songs.

Other mentions worth noting are Linzi Hateley (Donna), who I believe has played Donna on more than one occasion. A talented actress who could reduce a grown man to tears with her rendition of “the winner takes it all”. For me though one actress stood out and was without a doubt my favourite character of the show. Mazz Murray (Tanya) was superb. Many times I found myself giggling hysterically with her witty one liners, not to mention that the woman can really work it in the dance numbers.

Overall the cast was amazing, all 3 men who played Sam, Harry and bill were outstanding and for sure give it all at the end šŸ˜‰. 

Would I see this show again? Absolutely! Me and my daughter had such fun during the show and she never stopped smiling the whole way through. Thank you to the entire cast of Mamma Mia and the staff of the Novello Theatre. Because seeing her smile the entire time made my day šŸ’–

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