The Christmas Blogger Gift Swap!

So I love Christmas. I am mad on it. So when I saw an opportunity to get involved in this project I was straight on it.

The lovely Viola came up with the idea of The Christmas Blogger Gift Swap. An excellent and festive idea to bring the blogging community together and make new friends along the way. The project is called #apovgiftswap and its open to uk bloggers only. It doesn’t matter how big or small your following is, what kind of blog you run, if your a uk blogger who loves christmas then this is for you!!

You don’t have to spend a huge amount on your partner, you can discuss that together and come to a mutual agreement. Id love if my readers could take part in this festive fun!

Heres some dates for your diary that your need to know:

  • November 1st – Deadline for submitting your form
  • November 6th (or perhaps earlier) – Find out your blogging partner (woop woop)
  • By December 17th you should have sent off your gifts to your partner!

So you want to get involved? Well if you do heres how you sign up

  • Fill in the application document – which you can find right here
  • When you receive your confirmation write a blog post within 5 days of receiving the email
  • Send a couple of gifts to your blogger partner by the 17th December
  • Write a post about the gifts you received, don’t forget you have to add photos of the gifts
  • and finally make sure you send Viola any posts to do with The Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

If you sign up then please let me know. It would be great to see my gorgeous readers taking part!

When you get involved don’t forget to use the hashtag #povgiftswap on twitter and on instagram.

The countdown to christmas is on!

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