Blogmas Day 6 – Favourite things about Christmas 

Hey y’all 
Welcome to Blogmas Day 6! Today I wanted to talk about my favourite things about Christmas. There’s always something that someone loves about this time of year and I wanted to share mine with all of you. So let’s get started
The Atmosphere 

You just can’t beat it. The feeling of something special that is soon to occur to everyone around the world. Everyone out doing Christmas shopping, the music, the lights and the decorations. There’s just something in the air during the build up to the big day.
Christmas shopping 

I adore buying presents for people and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go a little over the top haha, it makes me excited knowing how happy I can make someone by giving them a gift I know they will love!
Christmas food

I get way too excited when I see the Christmas food making an appearance. I’m a massive foodie, so I like very full cupboards with lots of festive goodies!

School Nativity’s 

I have kids so a nativity each year is the standard here! Nothing beats making a parent more proud then seeing their little cherub dressed up all cute singing! I’m also a sucker for old traditions like nativity’s etc
Family Time

Christmas for most means one thing. Spending time with your loved ones. It’s one day that families can be together, happy and making memories.
My Children 

As a mum, my most favourite thing about Christmas is my children. The way they get over excited on Christmas Eve and the sheer joy on their little faces on Christmas morning melts my heart. I’ve definitely got more fonder of Christmas since having my kids.
As always I would love to know your favourites at Christmas, so please do let me know!
Claire xoxo

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