Blogmas Day 14 – Best Friend’s Takeover

Hello everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day 14!

So I had an Idea. I have this awesome group of supportive friends and I thought to myself one day, why not get them involved in my blog and what better time to do it then for blogmas right? So I told them all to come up with a paragraph about their favourite thing about Christmas or a Christmas memory.

So here it all is, my best friend’s taking over my blog!



I always say my favourite part of Christmas is Christmas dinner with everyone together at once. But this morning I realised actually, Christmas Eve is my favourite. We have a few traditions in place. Cinema in the morning, Christmas Eve boxes with clean pjs, pizza tea, searching the sky for Santa and reading The Night before Christmas right before bed. The build up and anticipation for the next day, listening to my children excitedly guess what’s going to be waiting under the tree in the morning, that’s my favourite part of Christmas.


My favourite part of Christmas is after Christmas dinner. The washing up is done, the copious amount of wrapping paper is tidied away, you’ve found batteries for 90% of toys that require them (hopefully) and there’s a sense of satisfaction that everyone is full and happy. This is when the real relaxation can begin after the hectic pre-Christmas rush. The whole family sit down together to play games or watch a Christmas movie with a glass of wine in hand. It’s real quality time with the family that you don’t always get throughout the year while juggling work and school, and you can truely appreciate spending time together.


My best part of xmas is listening to my kids 1st thing in the morning discussing with each other the fact santa has been, then coming into the bedroom with there stockings and opening them with us, seeing there little faces light up when they open there presents is amazin.



Christmas is always my favourite time of year. Whilst I have many amazing memories from when I was growing up, my favourites are the ones since having my own children. Year after year, I see their faces glow with excitement on December 1st… the elf has appeared (and brings advent calenders!) The tree and decorations go up and the Christmas movies come out. Day after day, the excitement builds until the big day. To me, there is nothing better than the running down the stairs christmas morning and watching them in amazement opening their presents and throwing the wrapping paper everywhere. Having a house full of laughter, happiness, love and belief. To me there is nothing better! Which christmas is the best? Whichever one is coming next!


My most favourite thing about Christmas is being with all my family. Eating, drinking, laughing, playing silly games and making fools of ourself’s enjoying one another’s company. Christmas always manages to bring you all together no matter what’s happened throughout the year it’s always put aside and forgotten. But we also take time to remember the ones we love that are no longer here in person to join in the festivities but we still always save a seat for.


My favourite thing about christmas is seein the smiles on every single 1 of my special lil peoples faces, it is what makes my christmas soooo special


I’d like to thank my friend’s for doing this because they didn’t have to do anything yet they did and it is much appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I will see you all tomorrow for Day 15!

Claire xoxo

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