Blogmas Day 22 – A Perfect Christmas Eve 

Hello everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day 22!

We’re so close now and the excitement is really building here! Today I just wanted to do a short little post about my perfect Christmas Eve. Obviously we all have different ways of spending it and to all of us our own is perfect in it’s own way.

My Christmas Eve always starts with waking up excited. We make some breakfast and usually check out what’s on TV for the day. Were watch a Disney film in the morning and the kids will usually play for a bit before getting changed!

After that it’s off to the kitchen we go, it’s baking time! We make mince pies and sometimes a gingerbread house, after that’s done it’s time to put in loads of sausage rolls and chicken nuggets. We always have this for lunch every year and it goes down so well!

By now it’s the afternoon and if we have my nan spending Christmas with us she’ll usually come over at this time. We tend to binge watch Christmas films during the afternoon until it gets to about 5. My kids love having pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve, so I’ll make them a pizza. After their dinner we get a little surprise! Our elf Edward all of a sudden disappears, but before he leaves he has a gift for the kids. A box filled with new pjs, sweets and a Christmas book! 

Were then have baths and put on our New pjs and get ourselves a hot chocolate! It’s relaxing, cosy and so festive. An excellent way for the kids to calm down before bed. We then read the Christmas book Edward has left us and it’s then time for sleep!

Obviously at this point it’s mummy time, so out comes a takeaway menu and a snowball to sip on, ready to wait for Santa to visit us!
I’d love to hear all about what you guys do on Christmas Eve! For me it’s one of the most magical days of the year.

I’ll see you all tomorrow for blogmas Day 23

Claire xoxo

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  1. Teaisawishyourheartmakes

    December 25, 2016 at 1:50 am

    Loved reading this post it made me feel so festive! I hope you did have the perfect Christmas Eve and that your Christmas goes amazingly –

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