My 2017 Goals

Hello everyone and a big Happy New Year to you all!

Hopefully your head doesn’t hurt too much from all the partying of last night? Although if you’re anything like me it would of been a quiet night with a few snowballs and a kebab!

I felt the need to do a post like this because I wanted to share my goals with everyone for this year and also because I needed to start the year off with a positive post.

I don’t have too many goals for this year. Obviosuly I want it to be a great year for everyone, but there are a few goals and changes I’d like to make for myself.

  • 2000 followers on twitter – yeah yeah I know. Your follower count shouldn’t matter, but for me it’s all about making new friends and getting to know more people
  • 100 blog followers – It’s something I don’t focus on as much as my twitter but I feel like I need to concentrate on this more
  • Losing weight – I’ve ate a lot over the Christmas period, like way too much. Must finish off all that junk food before doing that though….
  • Passing my Driving test – a big thing for me because I really need to do it. However this is a sore area for me and I get quite bad anxiety just thinking about the whole matter (post coming on that soon!)
  • Taking care of me – 2017 is going to be a year for self love. I want to look after myself more and make myself feel and look good. As a mum I feel like sometimes I can let that slip and I forget about myself
  • Learning about makeup – I am not a pro at makeup. I can do the basics and thats about it. But I want to learn more and buy more products – I especially would love o just be able to learn how to apply liner to the top of my eye and not just the bottom!

So they are my goals for the coming year! Can’t say that I’m going to do them all but I would like to think that I would give them all a good try!

As always I’d love to hear back from you guys and what goals you have for this year.

Claire xoxo


  1. Linda

    March 19, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Eek Claire! I have such similar goals.
    Learning how to do my makeup and work harder on my blog.

    I still have a fair bit to go! Good thing that it’s only March. Hehe!

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