How Blogging has changed me

Sometimes in life you have experiences in things that leave a huge impact on you and go as far as to change you as a person. Blogging has done this for me. If you had told me this 2 years ago I probably would of laughed because I couldn’t have foreseen this position that I’m in now.

When I say Blogging has changed me I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean it in a good way because Blogging has helped me grow and it’s given me experience that I lacked before.

A confidence boost

My confidence boost is down to all the lovely feedback I get from people who read my blog. I’m not saying that before blogging my confidence was at an all time low because it wasn’t, but it could have been better. Confidence is gained from compliments for me and when I get compliments for my blog it really does make me feel better about myself.

A new friendship circle

Lets be clear on this, I have never ever been that kind of person who can just approach a person and instantly befriend them, I’m nervous and shy around new people (unless of course I’ve had a drink) so I’ve always found it hard to find friend’s but Blogging changed that. After joining twitter I soon found myself enveloped into this huge Blogging community and I very quickly made friends with a lot of these people, I found it easy to talk to people and more importantly to be my true self which isn’t what people see until later on. The community has made me happy and from that my self-esteem has received this enormous boost to the point that I’m quite happy to talk to new people.

Accepting myself

This is something I have always struggled with, big time. I look at myself and I don’t like what I see, I see someone who isn’t worth it and has no idea why anyone would even bother speak to me. But I am learning to accept myself. Very recently I went to an awards ceremony and a picture was taken of me on the red carpet and you know what, I didn’t hate it I actually quite liked it. Yes I have lumps and bumps but I still look ok Blogging has allowed me to find other blogs where there are others who feel the same as me yet going out there and giving it all and showing off their self love – which is beautiful!


Others suffer too

Blogging has given me an opportunity to see that I’m not the only one that suffers with Social Anxiety, that there is so many of us out there suffering each day with it and more importantly that has spurred me on by trying to make a difference to peoples lives. Because by having a blog I’m able to use it as a platform, a platform in which I can climb up on to and tell everyone about these issues that people face everyday and it’s helping people which in turn makes me happy.


Has Blogging changed you as a person or maybe something else in life has? Be sure to let me know in the comment section


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