The Vuelio Blog Awards

On the 24th November I went to what was my first ever red carpet event and boy let me tell you beforehand was nerve-wracking, I was incredibly lucky though because I got to take my best friend with me and just having her there made everything that little bit better!

Finding a dress to wear proved difficult but I eventually managed to pull something off and I was pleasantly surprised with how it looked, it came from Quiz clothing and I’d said from the get go that I wanted something with sequins and that’s exactly what I got, plus it was black and you just can’t go wrong with Black right?

Very pleased with how the dress turned out

We had decided to stay in a hotel overnight, just to save rushing around and having to not leave the event early. We stayed at the Ambassadors hotel in Bloomsbury and I was actually pleasantly surprised, it was really quite nice! Obviously we had pre-drinks whilst getting ready and Nichola had so much fun rifling through my makeup collection!

All ready to go partayyy

After about a 15 minute walk we reached our destination of the Bloomsbury Big Top and I was super super impressed with the sheer amount of work that Vuelio had put into decorating the venue and how smooth getting in was! We was welcomed in to a Champagne reception, where I may have had one glass too many, top tip for you folks, don’t drink champers quickly…goes right to your head! After picking up another 2 glasses each we thought it best to go do the obligatory red carpet shot. At this point we had got talking to a couple of bloggers already and I was beginning to become very surprised because it seemed like people had heard of me – like me, they knew who I was by my Blog name and well mix that in with the champagne and I was flying high and ready for a good time! Next stop was to check which table we were at.

Table 13-unlucky for some but not for us

Now I’m going to make a point of saying that everybody at our table was lovely and so friendly (big shoutout to Marie because you kept me laughing throughout the whole evening) I felt instantly at ease with everybody. We had entertainment in the form of Fire Jugglers and really flexible women who can do some amazing acrobatic moves down sheets that hung from the ceiling and then of course there was food and a lot of wine, like red and white wine,

An amazing 3 course meal was served to us

After we had finished eating it was time for the awards ceremony and I felt proud as a Blogger at that point, that there was something out there to recognise us all and to see all my fellow Bloggers being recognised for what they love to do. Clearly at this point the wine was flowing freely and very nicely I made add!

Yet another glass of Wine!

After the awards ceremony it was time for more drinking and some dancing! Although I don’t think we done much dancing because we were far too busy drinking and talking to some lovely people to have the time to dance – side note, I talk ALOT when I’ve had quite a bit to drink, what can I say, I’m a happy drunk! The time flew by and before we knew it we had to leave, boo!

Overall I had an amazing time and I want to thank Vuelio for an awesome evening. All of you guys are so lovely, friendly and approachable and you all done such a good job, pulling off an event like that can’t be easy and I take my hat off to you for that. I hope to see you all next year!




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  1. Zoe Jackson

    December 13, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Wow what a great night Claire and you look absolutely stunning. So glad you had a great night!

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