When Lego met the John Lewis Ad’s*

If there is one thing I look forward to at Christmas it’s the Christmas adverts, I feel like I wait all year to see what all the big names come out with! One in particular I really look forward to (like many others) is the John Lewis Ad because it always carry that emotion, that music that can make you cry, a cute boxer bouncing on a trampoline or an Elderly man on the moon by himself. I feel like these Ads should be celebrated in some way.

Well let me tell you now, they are; in the form of Lego my friends and they look amazing, shall we take a look at what they’ve come up?!

Who remembers The Journey Ad from 2012? It took Lego Builds 18 hours to build this and they used 1,800 Lego bricks!


The Bear and The Hare from 2013 is probably my favourite John Lewis Ad to date. Lego builds spent 20 hours building this whilst using 2,400 bricks!


I think a lot of people had a Monty from the 2014 ad Monty The Penguin. Lego builds took 22 hours and used 2,300 bricks to create this one!


Probably the saddest and most poignant Ad was Man on the moon from 2015. It was built in 33 hours and consisted of 1,700 bricks!


I love how detailed this one is, of course it’s Buster The Boxer from 2016’s Ad. 23 hours and 1,200 bricks later and Buster was complete!


Last but by no means least is this years Ad, Moz the Monster. This one took the longest to build at 53 hours and needed the most bricks at 2,650!


In total that’s like 169 hours and around 12,050 bricks…that’s a lot of Lego!

If you’re interested in viewing the 6 displays then you can head down to John Lewis’s Flagship store down Oxford Street. Just head on up to the 4th floor (toy department) and see these displays in all their glory!

Do you enjoy waiting to see the new John Lewis Ad every year? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.


*This is a collaborative post with Lego Builds, Lego and John Lewis


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