Blogger’s Christmas Memories

Today is gonna be a shorter post but recently I took to Twitter to ask other blogger’s what their favourite Christmas memories were, I received some lovely answers!


@JustButtons_– “One of my favourite memories is seeing my mum cry with happiness because my Dad surprised her with a trip to Paris Melts my heart everytime I think about it!”

@tralisty –  “One year, my brother in law dressed up as Santa, full suit and beard with a pillow for a belly. I think it was about 5 years ago. His such a legend!”

@lucyjoannah – “It must have been about 2006 and it snowed on Christmas evening as some of my cousins and I were driving together. Our family kind of imploded the year after that, so I’m really glad that I have that last lovely memory of us all together.”

@EmmaLouB_ – “Millie’s first Christmas! When she walked into the living room with me her eyes just lit up. It was so magical”

@MoneySavingJrny – “The excitement of the boys when they were younger”

@4everbuttercup – My favourite Memory is one year, my family couldn’t find out big tree, so we got a last minute small one…we named it the Charlie Brown tree because if you stood far enough back, you could hold up your pinky and not be able to see the tree….”


A big thank you to all the Bloggers who took part, you’re all amazing!

I’d love to hear about your favourite Christmas Memories so just let me know down below!


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