The Best Christmas Smells*

There is so many smells that you associate with Christmas and I love it when you smell something and instantly just think of Christmas. Places like Christmas markets are a great place where Christmas smells exsist and Luxury Fragrance Gift Sets are a great idea to get yourself smelling good for the festive season!

Favourite Scents

So what are my favourite scents that I relate to Christmas?


Cinnamon is a big yes in my book. I have to have it all over my Hot Chocolate around this time of the year and the smell just screams “Get Festive” to me!


For some reason I always associate Vanilla with Christmas and not Summer. I have a huge Yankee Candle that is called Vanilla Frosting and it smells amazing. It’s my absolute favourite candle to light during the Winter nights!

Real Christmas Trees 

Ever smelt a real Christmas tree?! If you haven’t you really need to because it smells divine. Just imagine that smell in the corner of your living room every single day!

Mulled Wine

That deep and spicy smell is enough to make anyone put on a Santa Hat and dance around a handbag.


The ultimate food of choice on visiting Christmas Markets! Nutella and banana Crepe looks, tastes and smells so good!

Id love to know what some of your favourite Christmas scents are, let me know in the comments!

In case it’s of any interest to you guys, Clive Christian is running a Advent calendar Competition  and its running until Christmas, here’s everything you need to know….

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*This is a collaborative post with Clive Christian



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