My Highlights from 2017

Compared to last year 2017 hasn’t been as bad and there has been a few highlights! So I thought I’d run through them with you!


Getting a new job

2017 began with me leaving my old job and venturing into a new one. In April this year I found myself a new job and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never felt more comfortable in a workplace as I do now and I adore all the girls I work with.

Making new friends

I’ve been lucky enough to start speaking to some awesome people this year and I consider a lot of them friends now.


BloggersTribe is a support account which endeavours to help bloggers out as much as possible. In March of this year I was lucky enough to be asked by my two good friends; Jordanne and Katie to help run the account and now we’re nearly celebrating 10k on Twitter.

My Blog is Rising

This year has been the best year for my blog. I am getting recognised more, I’m getting invited to more events and I’m working with a lot more companies, the only way is up for 2018!

We can get a car!

This year has ended well too because the other day my husband passed his driving test! This is a major thing for us because it means we can finally take our kids to those places we’ve always wanted to take them. Its definitely a life changer!


I’d love to know what your Highlights have been from 2017! Let me know below.


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