Cliques and Playgrounds

Imagine this – you’re back in school, you look across the playground and you see that group of girls…you know, those girls who seem to have this notion that they’re cooler than what you are, so much cooler that they won’t give you the time of day let alone even speak a word to you (lets be honest they wouldn’t think twice about speaking a bad word to you though). You go through school wishing to leave, wishing that you were old enough so you could leave all this bad crap behind you. But it doesn’t. It never ends.

The Cliques never end.

Fast forward to when you become a parent, you’re dropping off your little cherubs at school or at nursery and low and behold there’s a bunch of mums standing there. They glance over before whispering giving you the once over before even deciding whether you’re worth their time or not and there’s that feeling again, just like school except this time the adults are worse then the kids. These so called adults judge you before even talking to you, before even getting to know you..because apparently according to their mindset it only takes one look at you for them to know your whole life story *eye roll*. You wearing more makeup then they are for work? Instantly makes you a bitch. Your autistic child is having an episode? You’re a bad mother. Who exactly do these people think they are? What on earth gives them the right to judge when they don’t know you for shit?

Not just at schools.

Don’t think this only happens at school, oh no this happens everywhere. Baby groups or dieting groups are a good one, cliques usually haunt any of these groups. You can tell who they are, the whole mean girls vibe going on *you can’t sit with us* or *yeah I don’t know her therefore I’m not speaking to you*. Well guess what Jane I got news for you…I don’t want to sit with you, in fact I’d happily sit here and play with pins then hang with your bitchy mentality.

Always a leader.

Of course there is almost always a ringleader, the one who makes the important decisions on who her and her minions should make feel uncomfortable that day. It’s a given that the leader has probably come up with an absurd life story on you because you look bomb as hell that day or you’ve dyed your hair a bright colour.

Then there’s the minions.

Ahhh the minions. Those little follow alongs who do everything the leader suggests. I expect that if the leader needed their arse wiped that day she’d have no problem in finding one of them to do it for her. You’d be surprised to learn though that some of the time these minions may actually want to speak to whoever is prey that day. But god forbid they do that because if they do then it’s a kick out from the clique.

I can bet that most of us have been in this position in the past and to be honest it isn’t a great one to be in. We all want to enjoy whatever it is we like doing without being judged and why should we be judged on our hobbies, hair colour, weight etc? It’s not right and it is bullying and let’s face it most of the time the kids are better behaved then the parents.

If you’re reading this and you’re in a clique be nice. Because you and everyone in that clique have no idea what that person is going through and you’re all just making that persons day worse.

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  1. Lisa McLachlan

    February 8, 2018 at 10:19 am

    This is the post I wanted to write but couldn’t put into words. Playground mummy cliques are the worst. Because not only are they judging you, they’re judging your child too and it makes you feel so damn helpless. I’ve tried being friendly and nice because our children get on but there’s only so many times you can suggest a play date and be ignored. Now I’m not going to bother any more. I’m a good person with a fab daughter. Their loss. Thank you so much for writing this, Claire, it really needed to be said. Hope you and yours are OK, love Lisa xx

    Lisa |

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