Disney Art With Photowall*

Recently I was contacted by a company called Photowall and as soon as they mentioned the word Disney I knew I was on board!

Who are Photowall?

Photowall are a company who offer a huge number of Canvas Art and Mural’s from Disney to Star Wars, from animals to having your own photo printed onto canvas. What makes Photowall unique is that when the canvas is sent to you it’s sent in parts. You basically build the canvas yourself. This in theory stops the canvas being sent to you broken as is the case when wall art is sent out to you sometimes

The package that is sent to you includes the main canvas print which is sent to you in the size you ordered, 4 wooden supports, screws and a wall hanging in which you can hang your picture up.

So what did I order?

I’m a big Disney fan so naturally I was attracted to the Disney section, although there was many many Disney prints to choose from I very much wanted a more grown up Disney print. After looking for a good while I came across the perfect print…a Pinocchio canvas print. I love Pinocchio and felt that I would be more than happy to have this piece hanging in my home.

Isn’t it beautiful?

How was the building of it?

Now I’m one to be honest with you all as you know, I struggled a bit with this one. I’m pretty sure there are people out there that found it really easy to put together but this is me and I’m really not the best hands on person at D.I.Y, I found myself struggling to stretch the print and fit in the wooden supports and also found that it took me so long to get the holes to line up with the screws but alas Andy finished it off for me and made it look so easy!

Finished product

Final thoughts

Photowall do some stunning prints and the website is really easy to use! You can visit the site here to have a look at some of the prints they have on offer. As of this moment in time I haven’t hung the print yet but that’s only because I’m yet to find a home for it!


*I was sent this product free in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own


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  1. Abbey Louisa Rose (@abbeylouisarose)

    April 8, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    I have seen so many fantastic reviews of Photowall products around lately that I definitely feel like I should invest in my own canvas! Adding a bit of Disney magic to a room can never be a bad thing! I love the Pinocchio print that you picked out, it’s just so charming! Well done to you and Andy for persevering and managing to get the thing together, it does sound like a challenge but I’m sure it’s worth it for the end product!

    Abbey xxx

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